Authentic French expressions | Unique designs
BIZU was coined from the French word “Bisou” – pronounce it bee-zoo. Translated into English, it means kiss. Doesn’t it sound soft and sexy to your ears?

Domi the owner

This clothing brand was created by a bubbly French chick, Domi. I come from Châteaudun, a tiny medieval city located about 2 hours in the South-West of Paris. I’ve always enjoyed spreading the love of my native language and culture. Whenever someone discovers that I’m French – my accent betrays me all the time – they’ll try to speak whatever French they know to me.

BIZU is the opportunity to share my passion with Francophiles. I enjoy the challenge of being an entrepreneur, learning skills that I’ve never thought I’d have to get my head into. This business is meaningful, and a chance to work on something that I’m passionate about.

Hy the designer

Based in animated Saigon, this French-Canadian chick has many talents. Creative and passionate, she polishes all designs to turn them into unique and eye-catchy illustrations. As we met in Vietnam, we built a friendship that led us now to be associates. 

She is also a fantastic jewellery designer and a comic/sketch artist. She is passionate about typography and arcimboldo style. A great added value to bring uniquely designed French phrases that you can’t find nowhere else.

The story

I’ve always been fascinated by T-shirts. Not to sound creepy, but I often stare at people’s shirts if I find them cool. The design or the text always tells you a lot about their personality and interests. I have seen many T-shirts with French sayings in Australia. From the simple “Oui” (yes) to a more sophisticated “Je parle français[e]”, it is pretty common to see these common French typos down under.

French language and culture seem to mesmerise heaps of Aussies. Actually, lots of locals learn or speak the language of Molière. French is the 4th most taught foreign language in Victoria for instance. And the French expat community in Australia represents over 20,000 people. Not surprised that there’s a lot of interest and demand for all things French.

However, I wanted to bring real French to the most important piece of clothing, the T-shirt. French graphic tees are a cool and unique way to show off and share your passion for the language, or make you look sexy.

For all these reasons, I have started my fashion label BIZU to French up your style!

While You Sleep the printer

All T-shirts were printed in Collingwood, Melbourne. Since I moved here, I quickly learned how creative and artsy this area is. So much that I decided to support local businesses. This is why I decided to trust the guys at While You Sleep who print our designs on selected pieces of clothing. They use the screen printing technique which consists of printing a design by using photo emulsion process. Screen printing is of high quality, professional looking, versatile and durable.

INKK SP is the company behind two of the unique crop tees. Ayman has been working in this field for many years now. And, his business, located in Fitzroy, is offering locally made pieces of clothing.