BIZU is not only all about authentic French sayings, but also meaningful and funny expressions. There are so many cool, or funky words in French, it’s sometimes hard to choose one among all of them. I truly praise stories that make a word, a phrase, a sentence unique and memorable.

It’s also a way to share my passion and love for French language. As a woman who travels (I’ve lived in 4 foreign countries, and visited at least 20), I enjoy hearing my mother tongue outside of France. It always makes me smile no matter how good the pronunciation is.

‘Bonjour Monsieur’ translates to ‘Good morning, Sir’. Greet that French gentleman by saying ‘Bonjour’ in your best sultry voice. This is not an expression per se, but a common phrase that anyone would say to greet a man. However, it sounds much more sensual when a woman says it because of the sexy movements of her mouth when she pronounces these words.

I wanted to play with the image of the French gentleman in the XIXth century. Two elements of this representation are the top hat and the moustache. The font used looks a bit old-fashioned in order to refer to this period of French history.

Try saying it this way “Bon-joor mon soar”

Or practise listening to a French speaker’s pronunciation => here

Do you find it magnifiqueShop the style