BIZU is not only all about authentic French sayings, but also meaningful and funny expressions. There are so many cool, or funky words in French, it’s sometimes hard to choose one among all of them. I truly praise stories that make a word, a phrase, a sentence unique and memorable.

It’s also a way to share my passion and love for French language. As a woman who travels (I’ve lived in 4 foreign countries, and visited at least 20), I enjoy hearing my mother tongue in countries outside of France. It always makes me smile no matter how good the pronunciation is.

‘Les pompettes’ translates to ‘The tipsy girls’. ‘Pompette’ is an adjective, not a noun. However, I wanted to turn it into a funky expression like in the movies. The adjective is commonly used to qualify a ‘slightly drunk’ woman. A comment that is often made in a playful tone to a cute girl.

I especially love the funny sound of the double ‘p’ and the ending ‘-ette’ which often used to add a female touch to a word. Although, here, pompette would come from the word pompe (pump), and would mean a small pump that absorbs liquid. A colloquial word that refers to the ability of a woman to drink (alcohol) and feel tipsy. You would actually hear a woman say ‘Je suis pompette’ instead (‘I am tipsy’).

I absolutely love the font used named Budmo for the word ‘pompette’. The cabaret style of this font makes you believe that this is the title of a dance show. I really wanted to play on the playful sound of this word and its real meaning.

Try saying it this way “lay pong-pette”

Or practise listening to a French speaker’s pronunciation => here

Do you find it magnifiqueShop the style