BIZU is not only all about authentic French sayings, but also meaningful and funny expressions. There are so many cool, or funky words in French, it’s sometimes hard to choose one among all of them. I truly praise stories that make a word, a phrase, a sentence unique and memorable.

It’s also a way to share my passion and love for French language. As a woman who travels (I’ve lived in 4 foreign countries, and visited at least 20), I enjoy hearing my mother tongue in countries outside of France. It always makes me smile no matter how good the pronunciation is.

‘Libre comme l’air’ translates to ‘Free as (air) a bird’. When you’re libre comme l’air, you’re completely free to do whatever you want. It may also mean that you’re single *wink*

This one is a way to express a certain state of freedom or a way to tell the world that you’re not taken.

As the expression depicts a sense of liberty, the font and design had to represent this feeling. The cursive font definitely brings light-heartedness. A sense of freedom emerges from the cloud.

Try saying it this way “libra come lair”

Or practise listening to a French speaker’s pronunciation => here

Do you find it magnifiqueShop the style