Competition time - Vote for your favourite French expression

In light of our second collection’s launch, we are thrilled to invite all the Francophiles and fashionistas out there to enter a poll-competition. Vote for your favourite French expression to win one of BIZU’s T-shirts from the first collection.

At BIZU, we take pride in designing cool & funny French sayings that our customers can relate to. So, we decided to run a quick survey to get to know you better.  By listing 5 well-known expressions, we hope to receive feedback from potentials shoppers to ensure our second collection will perfectly match their wishes.

The options listed were as follows:

  • Je suis magnifique
  • J’te kiffe grave bébé
  • J’ai la flemme
  • T’es mon trésor
  • J’ai des papillons dans le ventre

Our poll ran from 30th August, 8am AEST to 31st August 8am AEST. The winner is mailed one of our T-shirts of her choice for free.

If you wish to suggest us a phrase that you really like, or you’d like us to translate something from English into French, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us, we’re super friendly! ?